Welcome to the unified guide for Kafka and Confluent monitoring with Splunk

The unified guide for Kafka and Confluent monitoring with Splunk provides a full step by step guidance for monitoring with Splunk, with the following main concepts:

  • realtime event logging
  • realtime and high performance metric store
  • evolutive and efficient alerting
  • scalability and resiliency
  • compatibility with traditional bare metails/virtual machines deployments and Kubernetes containers deployments

As a basis, the following components are being natively managed:

  • Zookeeper
  • Apache Kafka Brokers
  • Apache Kafka Connect
  • Confluent schema-registry
  • Confluent ksql-server
  • Confluent kafka-rest
  • Kafka SLA and end to end monitoring with the Linkedin Kafka monitor

The following components are leveraged:

  • Splunk (!)
  • Jolokia, connector interface for JMX
  • Telegraf, the plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics

metrics collection diagram example


Kubernetes metrics collection diagram - sidecar containers metrics collection by Telegraf to Jolokia:


Kubernetes events logging ingestion diagram - sidecar containers Splunk Universal Forwarders reading logs in pod shared volumes: